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There are a number of options for adding tables to your WordPress website.  The plugin I prefer is Easy Table because it is simple to setup and very functional.

Easy Table
Easy Table is WordPress plugin to create table in post, page, or widget in easy way using CSV format.



Before getting started the only setting I change is switching the delimiter from a comma (,) to a pipe (|) since commas are used to display some data.  It prevents you from accidently running into formatting errors as demonstrated in my example below which has a list of cities using a comma before the state.




Here is a sample table using this plugin.  The first row will be the table headers which is a setting inside the plug options which can be disabled.



Rendered Table

Name Age Gender Cities Lived
Norman M. Patton 35 Male  Waipahu, HI
John T. Bowman 27 Male  Butler, MO
Geraldine F. Crawford 32 Female  Sheridan, WY
Benjamin B. Waugh 26 Male  Pontiac, MI
Jill D. Rivers 26 Female  Jarrettsville, MD