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Creating an HTML email signature can be a deceivingly difficult process. After having to tackle this issue a number of times this is the best method I have found to get the correct formatting.

  1. Start with a clean HTML file. You only want the divs for your signature.
  2. Save to your desktop and view it in your browser.
  3. Use in-line styles and link to external images for any logos or graphics.
  4. When the format is correct you want to use a browser on Windows and Outlook.
  5. Select the formatted details in your browser then copy and paste it into Outlook. As you know Microsoft does preserve a lot of hidden formatting when you cut and paste into their products. You may have experience headaches with Word doing a lot of crazy formatting. But in this case it is helping us preserve the formatting for your signature.
  6. Send a test email out with your updated signature and view it in various email clients to confirm the formatting is correct.